Counselling Services

Everyone deserves an ally. So we make therapy convenient and affordable so anyone can get help in French or English.

Psychotherapy for a meaningful life

Disappointments are unavoidable. A world built to connect us might feel engineered to separate, distract, and alienate us from ourselves, our relationships, passions, and humanity. Reconnecting with our authentic selves is the antidote to disappointment and the path to health, and happiness. When we reconnect with the world within ourselves, we also reconnect with the world around us. On this journey, everyone deserves an ally: I help disappointed people eliminate silent frustrations, find purpose and inspiration to live meaningful lives. To achieve that, I facilitate various customized groups and private sessions to help you redeem your stories, discover & pursue what helps you connect with the core of who you are and co-create change.

Living on purpose requires a shift in thinking, beliefs & actions. Past hurts, trauma, intrusive thoughts, anxiety, depression and addictions do not need to define anyone. Without guidance, this process can take years of trial & error. I will create a safe space to redeem your stories, discover & pursue what helps you connect with the core of who you are.

If you are looking for an ally to sit with you through the next steps to rediscovering yourself & your relationships, increase understanding & integration of pertinent toolsets, mindsets, and skillsets, I can help you co-create change.

Specialties & Expertise

Coping Skills  •  Trauma & Emotional Disturbance  •  Life Coaching  •  Relationship Issues  •  Psychospiritual Health

Types of Therapy

Attachment-based  •  Cognitive Behavioural (CBT)  •  Culturally Sensitive  •  Emotionally Focused  •  Family / Marital  •  Integrative  •  Internal Family Systems (IFS)  •  Narrative  •  Reality Therapy  •  Trauma Focused


Therapy with Daniel

  • Complementary Consultation
  • Personal & Couples Counselling
  • Psychospiritual Fitness

Life Coaching

  • Forward-thinking perspective
  • Personal Development
  • Live on Purpose

Corporate Chaplaincy

  • Strategic thinking partner
  • Foster psychospiritual growth
  • Reduce professional stress

"I struggled for years to find my personal passion and calling. This program ignited clarity and excitement for life that has had a deep impact on me and my future. I am forever grateful."

- Anonymous

"I did some training with Daniel. I was impressed by the level of knowledge and training that Daniel has acquired. If you choose Daniel as your counsellor you will experience compassion and empathy as you are guided towards your goals."

- Greg Delong • Counsellor, MC, BBS, CCC