Just Hear Me Out!

Licence Your Life

Hear me out!

Who told you that you needed their permission to BE?

People Live in their own Myths.
You live in yours, they live in theirs
They pay their bills, You pay your bills
Skip the Bull, Silence your handlers
You’re on a mission, You have an assignment,
Let Your Life Speak!

This is your life, This is your time. This is your truth, Don’t crap your pants
Who told you that you need their permission to BE?
I lived long enough to witness the profound,
The changes that happen
When you begin to find truth
The truth in your own story;
The Devine deposit,
To give yourself permission
To live that truth.

Fire your pimps, loose the mask,
Put your own face on, Don’t spoil your story,
Face the wind, Beat the odds,
God’s in you, the Hope of your Glory,
Your shield’n defender, the Ancient of Days,
Pavilioned in splendour’n girded with praise
My glory my comfort my peace’n the lifter of my head

Unto him I cried with MY voice
He heard me out, out of His holy hill
So Skip the Bull, Silence your handlers
You are on a mission, You have an assignment,
Let Your Life Speak!

This is your life, This is your time, this is your truth. Don’t crap your pants
Far from the peace, stained from within, Souls in danger, look above,
God is on you!
Unable to swim for good, sinking to rise no more,
Out of the angry waves,
Master of seas, my despairing cry, HEARD!
From the raging waters, me, LIFTED!

In safety I be, billowing thunders, His will obey,
On peaceful shore, Forever my feet to stand
His goodness and mercy, hunt you down, all the days, the days of your life
Frail children, of dust you may be, and feeble as frail,
In God do we trust.
Your mercies, how tender, how firm to the end,
Our Maker, Defender, Redeemer, and Friend!

The true sayings of Daniel Zopoula

About Daniel Zopoula

Daniel is a is a provocative leader in Christian Practice. A long-distance runner in the struggle for justice, Daniel's journey is rooted in a rich African tradition of soulcraft that put a premium on Ancestor appreciation, gentle embrace of others, cultural manners and social justice. Though deeply wounded and perennially scarred by the traumatic circumstances that paved the realities of his upbringings, Daniel emerged with great dignity, decency and integrity, love, courage and humour; choosing social advocacy rather than a life of blind avarice and personal subservience. The sum realities of pervasive terror, chronic trauma and vicious stigma that was shot through the "soul-making" of young Daniel yielded his true passion to profoundly influence, lead and inspire people from all walks of life into positive change and bearing witness to love and justice. Daniel's story is a tale of a man courageous enough to be fully human, living and loving out loud: "When your life doesn't belong to you, survival is not required," he says. Daniel writes and speaks internationally on Christian Practice, Spiritual & Emotional Leadership, Inspiration, Personal & Organizational health, Family Systems, Trauma, and Emotional Wellness. Daniel is a personal growth, and spiritual health consultant; a Life Coach, Spiritual Adviser, Author, Speaker, Activist.

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