Merry Christmas!

Christmas is here again, and with it, the memories and imagination of family, joy, sadness, grief, melancholy, Hope, etc. For many, perhaps the stress of consumerism and the idols our culture has immortalized might be too much to endure and one might be tempted to escape into the dark places; depression, resentment, confusion and isolation!

Once more, I am reminded of the message of the angel to Mary this Christmas in the gospel according to Saint Luke 1:36-37 –  “she who was called barren” is barren no more, for “nothing will be impossible with God.” Earlier, in verse 30-31, the Angel had greeted the virgin Mary with the words: “Do not be afraid, Mary; for you have found favor with God and behold, you will conceive …”

In my judgment, a human can only access the past through memory and the future through imagination,  essentially drawing symbols and metaphors of victimism or victory from these.

This Christmas season, as we look again to the horizon of a new year, may we find comfort and hope in the words of Christ our Redeemer, conveyed and proclaimed by the angels, immortalized through Calvary: 1) Do not be afraid 2) you will conceive 3) you have found favor with God  4) nothing will be impossible with God.

Truly, the Christmas message is a message of “Barren No more!” the gospel story is a story of “Barren no more!” For God has incarnated humanity;  Rejoice, Oh Rejoice! Emanuel Has Come to thee O Israel! God is with us

Brothers and Sisters, the end of my letter is charity out of a pure heart, and of a good conscience, and of faith unfeigned

These words, I carefully and prayerfully commit to you in love. But unto the King eternal, immortal, invisible, the only wise God, be honor and glory for ever and ever. Amen.

Our  entire team  express our deepest gratitude to  you the kind hearted people who contributed your time, passion and  resources towards our being and becoming.

In faith and verity,
Always, Still becoming,
Rev. Dr. Daniel & Sara, Zopoula

About Daniel Zopoula

Daniel is a is a provocative leader in Christian Practice. A long-distance runner in the struggle for justice, Daniel's journey is rooted in a rich African tradition of soulcraft that put a premium on Ancestor appreciation, gentle embrace of others, cultural manners and social justice. Though deeply wounded and perennially scarred by the traumatic circumstances that paved the realities of his upbringings, Daniel emerged with great dignity, decency and integrity, love, courage and humour; choosing social advocacy rather than a life of blind avarice and personal subservience. The sum realities of pervasive terror, chronic trauma and vicious stigma that was shot through the "soul-making" of young Daniel yielded his true passion to profoundly influence, lead and inspire people from all walks of life into positive change and bearing witness to love and justice. Daniel's story is a tale of a man courageous enough to be fully human, living and loving out loud: "When your life doesn't belong to you, survival is not required," he says. Daniel writes and speaks internationally on Christian Practice, Spiritual & Emotional Leadership, Inspiration, Personal & Organizational health, Family Systems, Trauma, and Emotional Wellness. Daniel is a personal growth, and spiritual health consultant; a Life Coach, Spiritual Adviser, Author, Speaker, Activist.

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